Dental Anxiety

According to studies, almost 20% of children, aged, school-going have dental phobia and the fear of sitting on that dentist chair.

Is your kid scared of visiting the dentist’s clinic?

No need to fret over it, if it’s a yes. Either it’s your child pleading to skip this week’s dentist appointment, or your friend’s kid who freezes to death upon hearing the name of the dentist, dental anxiety among children is a real thing. If not paid considerate heed, it worsens over time, making it an arduous task to preserve your child’s oral hygiene and health.

According to studies, almost 20% of children, aged, school-going have dental phobia and the fear of sitting on that dentist chair. With all the dental tools and instruments laid out on the dentist’s tray, unfortunately, it makes it even more intimidating for the kids to visit the clinic. This phobia can prove to be unfavorable for the child’s oral health. Therefore, we have a few suggestions for both parents and dentists to help the children get past the anxiety:

How To Ease Dental Anxiety In Children

For parents:

Communicate the visit to your child in advance

Unlike adults, children don’t like surprises, especially a surprise visit to the dental clinic. It is difficult for them to transition into unforeseen situations. Waiting until the eleventh hour to break the news of their dental visit will only worsen their mood. Inform them about the visit beforehand so that they can prepare themselves mentally to visit the place. Also, this will help them to share their fears with you.

Notify your dentist beforehand

A wise act is to inform your dentist about your child’s phobia before stepping into the clinic with your child. Dentists are trained professionals who are well-aware of dealing with all kinds of patients. Have a conversation with him ahead of time and follow their instructions.

Take your child’s favorite toys along

This can be your savior for the day. Allow your child to play with the toy while they adjust to the surroundings in the waiting room. You can even take small toys with you in the room to help distract your child when he is on the dentist’s chair. Be sure to take prior permission from your dentist, because not all toys can be taken along.

For dentists:

Be friendly

A pediatric dentist knows how to deal with kids professionally. Talking with them in a soft voice and gentle tone will put the child at ease. Moreover, explaining the dental procedure in simple words will also be helpful. Some dentists also use a doll or another toy to demonstrate a procedure before they perform it.

Make the conversation engaging

An engaging conversation is a very supportive tool in removing your child’s dental fears. Share stories with them or keep them busy by giving them a mental task. This takes their attention away from the procedure and allows them to be more comfortable around the doctor.

Applaud and praise them

If you want your little patient to leave the clinic happy and calm, use compliments, and praise them throughout. This simple technique is very effective in keeping children motivated throughout the procedure. It builds trust and takes away the fear of the young patient To make your child’s visit anxiety-free, keep them fun and creative. After all, their good oral health will ensure healthy gums and teeth for a lifetime.