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Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City provides comprehensive pediatric dental treatments in Garden City, NY! Part of our mission includes educating parents on how they can ensure that their child has exceptional oral health. That’s why we’ve written a dental blog! Check back periodically for additional tips. 

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Can Dental Cleanings Damage Enamel?

Dental cleanings are integral part of our oral health, and are typically recommended twice a year. Keeping our teeth and gums free and clear of harmful bacteria is important. At Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City, our team is proud to offer general dental treatments like dental cleanings in Syosset, NY. We strive to provide quality

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Can Pediatric Dentistry Help with Thumbsucking?

Pediatric dentistry focuses on dealing with the oral health of children from birth through adolescence. Pediatric dentists are skilled at interacting with patients of all ages, and children specifically making it comfortable and easy for both the parents and kids. At Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City, we always ensure our patients feel relaxed and welcome

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Dental Bridges

Should I Use Bridge On Teeth? “for” And “against”

After the loss of one or more teeth, each person has a choice: how to make up for lost teeth. First of all, it is necessary to decide whether a removable or non-removable structure will be manufactured. Most people are for a non-removable option and there are several types of substitution, such as implantation or a bridge-like construction. Here we will talk about the pros and cons of Bridge prosthetics.

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Dental Implants Combine Functionality And Aesthetics

Dental implants combine functionality and aesthetics

The care of the mouth is not only to keep it healthy, but also to keep it contributing to the harmony of our face. One of the most successful techniques when it comes to combining dental health and facial aesthetics is implantology. Combined with other therapies, implant placement is playing an essential role in restoring harmony to faces that have lost their balance due to the loss of teeth.

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When Should You Bring Your Child To Their First Dental Visit?

Children deserve to have quality dental care to keep their smiles healthy, bright and full. As a new parent, you want to make sure that your child is receiving great care when it is needed. You might be bringing your child to all of their doctor’s visits, but you haven’t yet brought them to a

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What Is Pediatric Dentistry

How to Care for Your Child’s Dental Hygiene?

It is important that children take good care of their teeth so that they can grow up with healthy, large and bright smiles. Unfortunately, children are often more prone to developing tooth decay. This means that they may need fillings, root canals and other invasive procedures just to treat the problem. The best way to

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Homemade Teeth Whitening Grandmother's Techniques To Whiten Teeth

Homemade teeth whitening: grandmother’s techniques to whiten teeth

We all dream of having white teeth and a perfect smile. Indeed, teeth yellowed by bad habits (such as drinking coffee, or smoking) or poor oral hygiene can become a source of the complex. And even paralyze your social and professional life. Unfortunately, many causes can explain the yellowing of your teeth. And especially taking certain medical treatments or dental disease.

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